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When life doesn't go according to plan and unexpected challenges arise it can be overwhelming. It's normal to feel anxious, confused, and even a little afraid. 

We know what that's like - and we can help.

Pregnancy Help Australia connects you with a judgement-free community that will listen and give you a safe space to work through your feelings in your own time. We're here to answer all of your questions and link you to the right local support, information and encouragement necessary to make it through this challenging time.

Whatever stage of your pregnancy or newborn parenting journey we're here to help. 

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All our services are CONFIDENTIAL and FREE OF CHARGE.

  • “Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me and my kids.  I will never stop thanking you for giving me so much support and help.  You were the only ones who helped me, who gave me hope and incredible support when I had such a dark time in my life.”

  • “My partner and I found out I was pregnant just before my 18th birthday and we were more than a little surprised, as were both our families. We had a great support network and my mum told me about a program at Pregnancy Matters called Earn While You Learn. This program enabled us to learn all we needed to know about not only pregnancy but also labour, caring for a baby, breastfeeding and more while earning much needed baby things. Before we went to the program we knew only the basics and to come out knowing that we were well equipped to look after our baby was so relieving. On the 9th of September 2016 we welcomed Ashton Charles into the world and he has been a big blessing. He is thriving and without Helen and the team, we wouldn’t have been able to get this far with little to no stress.”

  • “She’s only here because of you.  I’ll never stop thanking Eva’s Place for everything you’ve done for us!”

  • “You guys have been a massive help!  Through keeping in touch by phone when we had to go to Brisbane due to the premature birth, the personal delivery of baby items and a surprise hospital visit, you have truly supported and encouraged us all the way through.”

    Pregnancy Centre Client - Eva’s Place

  • “I felt alone and scared without family here in Australia.  Coming to Eva’s Place was very, very useful and I would recommend Eva’s Place from my experience here.”

  • “This organisation is fantastic and it has been very helpful to my clients with providing support to them in time of need.”

    [Aboriginal Health Service]

  • “What I love about Eva’s Place is that there is no judgment.  They listen to all my issues and give me plenty of support and understanding.  Their help is so good.”

  • “Eva’s Place made me feel more comfortable about being pregnant, even at a young age.”

  • “My clients are very grateful receiving support from Genesis.”

    [SA Local Health Network]

  • “Eva’s Place has helped me feel excited and happy for something I was not sure of.  Thank you for all the support you gave me while pregnant and after having baby.  Thank you for all you have done and for the difference you have made in my life.” 

    Pregnancy Centre Client - Eva’s Place

  • “Overwhelmed by the generosity and support shown. Absolutely fantastic. Thank you.”

    [Multicultural Youth]

  • “This service is a much needed service for our clients and their families. Thank you.”

    [Australian Refugee Association]

  • “Thank you for your ongoing support of our clients, we look forward to working with you in the future.”

    [Centacare, Targeted Intervention Group]

  • “The retreat has had an impact on my life like I never imagined possible. I definitely feel ‘lighter’ and I have more joy in my life.”

    eMerge Post Abortion Healing Client - Genesis SA

  • “They offered us a range of services…..It was spectacular, because it was like a gift from heaven almost, this organisation”

    Pregnancy Centre Client Genesis SA

  • “I feel I have moved forward on my healing journey. I was anxious prior to going as I knew I would be quite emotional, but it was a safe non-judgemental place to share my story and feelings. I now feel released from the bondage of guilt and shame.”

    Post Abortion Healing Client - Genesis SA

  • “I feel as though my body has been completely cleansed and such a calm feeling is within me. This program will help so many people.”

    eMerge Post Abortion healing Client - Genesis SA

  • “I came with guilt, regret and shame and leaving with joy, peace and truth.”

    eMerge Post Abortion Healing client - Genesis SA

  • “I feel so much lighter, happier and a huge sense of relief. I felt unlovable and ugly before, I now feel loved and beautiful.”

    eMerge Post Abortion Healing Client - Genesis SA

  • “I cannot even begin to explain how valuable the eMerge retreat has been to me and how the shame has lifted from my heart. The counsellors at the retreat helped me to face and process my emotions. They helped me release myself of the guilt and hurt I had been holding on to and showed me so much love without judgement.”

    eMerge Post Abortion Healing Client - Genesis SA

  • “I have learnt more than I knew before and have more confidence.”

    eMbrace live-in mothering skills program client - Genesis SA

  • “I didn’t have any idea in some areas. I’ve managed to take on different ways of parenting.”

    eMbrace live-in mothering skills program client - Genesis SA

  • “Awesome. Best part is stuff I learned I can now use, and I hope they have all sunk in and I can put them into practice! Thank you.”

    eMbrace live-in mothering skills program client - Genesis SA

  • “ I cannot put into words how grateful I am and impressed by your kind gesture. This morning we received so many things ... thank you a million times!!! Sending you a photo of our baby boy with one of his new toys. Thank you again! You made our day much happier!”

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