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Pregnancy Options 

518-800Becoming pregnant unexpectedly can be a frightening time...a time that can leave you feeling out of control and anxious about your future. One of the most effective ways to get back a sense of control in your life is to ensure that you are armed with all the facts you need to make the best decision for you. 

This includes knowing about all the supports that are available both nationally and in your own community to assist you. 

The best place to start your journey is with our fact sheets. Further resources on all of your options are available on this site and through various links to other services. Review our member pregnancy support centre section and find the nearest one that can help you. 

Options Worksheet

A sheet designed to help you determine what is important in your life, and what the consequences may be of any decision you make. 


State by State adoption information  


Information on abortion procedures, possible physical and psychological consequences and links to sites to help you understand the longer term consequences of an abortion decision. 

Questions to ask an abortion provider

If, after considering all the information, you decide that abortion is the best option for you, this is a list of questions for you to ask your abortion provider. 

Parenting Information:

Financial assistance you may be eligible for: the Government's Paid Parental Leave Scheme: