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Frequently Asked Questions 

I think I'm pregnant. What should I do and what decisions do I need to make? 

First and foremost, it's crucial to confirm your pregnancy. Our pregnancy help centres offer complimentary pregnancy testing, and if there isn't one nearby, rest assured we're here to support you over the phone while you use an at-home pregnancy testing kit. Alternatively, you can schedule an appointment with your regular healthcare practitioner.  

Upon confirming your pregnancy, various options become available to you. The key is to allow yourself the time to thoughtfully explore each option without feeling rushed or pressured. Regardless of the circumstances, pregnancy is a significant event in your life, and you deserve the freedom to make a decision that's right for you.

Your options include continuing the pregnancy and raising your child, continuing the pregnancy and considering adoption, or choosing to terminate the pregnancy. Each option comes with its own set of challenges. Please refer to our fact sheets on the different options or call our HelpLine at 1300 139 313 to speak with someone who will listen impartially to your situation.

If I decide to parent what kind of help can I get? 

It depends on what type of help you need. Many of our agencies offer not only emotional support, but practical and material assistance to help you with maternity clothing, baby supplies and even with navigating your way through the healthcare system. Our agencies can help you discover the entitlements you qualify for and provide support if you wish to continue your education or employment.

What about adoption? 

Modern adoption is vastly different from the past. Birth parents and adoptive parents can now negotiate contact levels and information sharing. While there are many couples in Australia hoping to adopt, only a few children are placed for adoption. Our website provides links and information about adoption to help you better understand this option.

What if I want an abortion?  

Pregnancy help centres are here to offer a safe space for you to make an informed, evidence-based pregnancy decision that aligns with your beliefs and is free from external influence. We respect your autonomy and provide accurate information on all three options: abortion, adoption, and parenting.

Should you choose to pursue an abortion, we will not mislead or obstruct your decision. None of our affiliated centres provide or refer for abortion services. If you seek assistance with obtaining an abortion, we will direct you to consult your healthcare professional. Our pregnancy help centres will also encourage you to return, if needed, for post-abortion counselling and support.

We're here to offer understanding and support as you navigate your options. Please reach out to us whenever you're ready.

Is the Pregnancy Help Australia (PHA) Helpline a replacement for professional services?  

No, the PHA National Helpline is not a substitute for professional medical advice, legal counsel, or other professional services. While our non-clinical counselling, support, and directory service can provide valuable information and guidance, it's important to seek specific expertise when needed. Please do not disregard professional advice or delay seeking it based on information or guidance from our service.

Some PHA-affiliated centres offer professional healthcare services. If you have questions about the services offered at a particular pregnancy help centre, please ask to speak to the centre representative.

The PHA Helpline and affiliated network centres adhere to our Commitment of Care and Competence.

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