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Questions to Ask Before an Abortion 

If you have decided, after reading all of the information and exploring all your alternatives, to choose abortion, it is very important that you feel in control of this process. 

Some questions to ask yourself...

  • Is this MY decision or am I feeling pressured in any way by any other person or circumstance?
  • Have I explored all other options, including adoption or raising my child?
  • Have I considered how I will feel about this decision in the future .... in 1 month, 9 months, years from now?
  • How will I feel if I can’t fall pregnant in future after I have an abortion? 

 Have you seen all the fact sheets we have available on our website?

Some questions you could ask your abortion provider before making your appointment

  • What is the name of the doctor who will be performing my abortion?
  • Does the doctor have admitting rights to my local hospital in case of complications?
  • Do you provide independent counselling so I can discuss my options?
  • Does this counselling cost money? If so how much?
  • Do I have to pay any money up front before my counselling?  If so how much?
  • Can I change my mind at any time and get a full refund of any money paid?
  • Will you provide an ultrasound?
  • Does this cost extra?
  • Will I be allowed to view the ultrasound if I choose to?
  • Will you give me written information about any possible physical or emotional after effects of abortion?
  • Will you be testing me for STIs before an abortion procedure if performed? 

If you are uncomfortable with any of their answers, you do not have to make the appointment.  

Check back for details about your nearest pregnancy support service to discuss your options. You do not have to make a hasty decision. We’re here to help you.

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